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Paul E. Shepherd | Representative 7B

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Paul E. Shepherd Paul E. Shepherd


Paul Shepherd is currently serving 4th term (8 Yrs.) as State Representative for District 8 Position B. Due to re-districting my district will be District 7 Position B All 8 yrs I held this office I served on the Committee’s of Health and Welfare, Education, and Resources & Conservation


The major reasons I am seeking re-election are to continue to have a voice in the shaping of laws and the direction our State government takes. To many times government is usurping our family and individual responsibilities and rights. I want to defend and support our traditional Christian values and culture. Following are issues that are of a concern to me:

Private property rights (land and water)
Supports Idaho State management of Federal public lands for multiple uses.
Maintaining all accesses to public lands and water
Opposes the locking up of our public lands
2nd Amendment rights (no gun control)
Returning to resource based economy (mining, logging, agriculture and recreation)
Fiscal accountability in Idaho
Less government intrusion into private affairs and enterprise
Opposition to wolves
Informed citizen participation in government


Fuel prices, excessive over regulations by the EPA, DEQ, and other governmental agencies both Federal and State. I believe we have too many Federal/State overlapping agencies.


The good demand for farm products and good prices make me optimistic that Idaho agriculture will remain strong and productive.


Water rights must be protected. Our priority doctrine must not be weakened.


I support super majority to pass bonds.


Property taxes should be used for government costs incurred by the property owners and their proportional share of other valid government costs. Property taxes should be tied to purchase price of that property and then adjusted only when that property is resold.


State spending should be in balance with revenue, not spending on nonessential purposes of government, only on what is proper role of government.

The newly formed District 7 is large and diverse both in size and political/social makeup just as the previous District 8 was. I will have to spend more time and gas money to get to meetings. Meeting with the people is essential to discuss the important issues so I can better represent them. I will initiate and pursue conference calls especially during the Legislative Session. This has worked well the last several years with the communities over the District.

The communities over District 7 share many of the same concerns on issues such as Education, Health and Welfare, as well as Resources and Conservation

“The livelihood of the citizen of District 7 is dependent on a wisely balanced and continued use of our basic resources- Mining, Lumbering, Agriculture, and Recreation. I believe man can live in balance with nature and utilize those resources so necessary for our way of life. It is as foolhardy to overcompensate toward total non-use of our resources as it is to move toward complete destruction without conservation and renewal. If re-elected to the Idaho Legislature, I shall continue to work towards this balance.”

As never before the Federal Government is exerting powerful mandates onto State governments further infringing on citizens individual rights and plunging our future generations into a morass of debt. Government bureaucracy and regulations are a great hindrance towards creating jobs in the private sector.

I believe that prosperity and a high standard of living comes from efficient productivity and conservation, that excessive government hampers efficiency, reduces productivity and causes waste. I believe the best chance to affect improvement in the Federal Government is through a strong States Rights Movement.

Citizens are demanding government at all levels be effective and efficient. As a State Legislator I take those two words as a guide line when contemplating any legislation that is introduced. Now is still not the time to increase taxes, fees, or regulations. 

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